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Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Vijay Iyer - piano
Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums
John Lindberg - bass

A Film by Jacques Goldstein

[2 DVD-R set] (La Huit)

Outstanding black & white documentary, live footage and interviews from Leo Smith's new Golden Quartet. Leo speaks about the blues embracing the sadness and joys of life simultaneously, bringing the focus into the now and then his quartet plays this sublime blues piece which is absolutely touching.

Leo then discusses the "free" element and then the quartet erupts into some spectacular free playing. There is an incredible duo section for echoplexed electric piano and eerie bowed bass with some wah-wah, then another amazing duo section for the drums and trumpet.

After a number of years out of the limelight, it is a great thing to see and hear drum master Ronald Shannon Jackson playing with his immense power and creativity.

Leo makes a number of strong points in his interview clips throughout the video. At one point saying that after Ornette, the term "jazz" is no longer useful but that this music should be referred to us "creative music".

The live performance footage is done extremely well, very close up so that you feel you are right there on stage with the superb all-star quartet. This is one of the best DVD's I've encountered out so far, the music and the interviews are seamlessly woven together in a most perfect way and the black & white filming helps one to concentrate on the playing, more than the way the musicians look. Completely marvelous!

- BLG / Downtown Music Gallery


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