Wadada Leo Smith's
Golden Quartet

Golden Quartet is an ensemble of master composers / performers, whose experimental practice utilizes the quartet form, which is the purest foundation of musical expression in jazz / creative music and western music culture. As multi-instrumentalists they are concerned with a practice and research that involves an array of complex systemic forms, where the musical languages of compositional / improvisational / ankhrasmation are merged seamlessly in their interactive development in the quartet and are manifested in the performance dimension as a single music language. Golden Quartet’s music is fiery, explosive, and surges with a positive improvised energy force that’s constructed with polycentric melodic / sonic / rhythm units. The ensemble’s textural and structural materials reveal a musical terrain that is creatively rich and architecturally clear in form.

The new Golden Quartet features:


Wadada Leo Smith  
trumpet, flugelhorn  
Pheeroan akLaff

John Lindberg

 New Golden Quartet CD:


Press Reviews of Golden Quartet Performances

'ECLIPSE' DVD - featuring Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - video clips


 The original Golden Quartet featured:

Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet, flugelhorn     Anthony Davis - piano

Malachi Favors Magoustous - bass     Jack Dejohnette - drums

These four instrumental giants comprised the original Golden Quartet. They are veterans of some of the most influential bands in jazz history and recorded and performed at the height of their powers.

Original Golden Quartet CD Releases

1. Golden Quartet [Tzadic TZ 7604]

2. The Year of the Elephant [PI PI04]

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