Human Rights

(The Icelandic Sessions)

Kabell Records / A-Train
recorded between 1982 and 1985
digitial re-issue 2009

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Originally released in 1986 on Kabell Records on vinyl only, 'Human Rights' subsequently vanished and became an item for underground jazz collectors and tape-traders. Not unlike Don Cherry recordings of the early 80’s, 'Human Rights' features a blend of jazz fusion, reggae, funk and blues, with an 8-piece ensemble rounded out by James Emery and Thurman Barker. Performing as “Leo Smith” at the time, he later added the name Wadada and converted to Rastafarianism, an influence felt heavily on this recording.

Leo Smith: voice, trumpet, chinese hand gong, mbira, fluegelhorn, percussion
Stanya: guitar, synthesizers on 3
James Emery: guitar on 1, 4
Thurman Barker: drums on 1, 4
Michele Navazio: acoustic guitar, synth bass on 1, 4
Tadao Sawai: kotos, percussion on 5
Peter Kowald: bass, tuba, percussion on 5
Guenter Sommer: drums, percussion on 5

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1. Ethiopia/Africa
Don't You Remember
Freedom Song
Rastafari #4
Humanismo Justa / Trutmonda Muziko (Human Rights / World Music)

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