Kabell Years:

Tzadik 7610

(4 CD box set)

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From 1971–1979 Wadada Leo Smith released four albums on his own, privately pressed label Kabell. Under the supervision of the composer, this material has now been collected, remastered and coupled with over two hours of unreleased bonus tracks, including the second set of the influential Reflectativity concert and the legendary Mapenzi solo concert from 1976. Complete with a twenty-eight page booklet featuring session photos and tributes from musical associates such as George Lewis, Alvin Singleton, Larry Ochs, Anthony Davis, Bobby Naughton, Henry Kaiser and John Zorn, this is an essential collection from the peak period of one of Creative Music’s most important composer/performers.

Wadada Leo Smith
Anthony Davis
Wes Brown
Oliver Lake
Pheeroan ak Laff

a u d i o   s a m p l e s

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disc 1
1. Nine (9) Stones on a Mountain
2. Improvisation No. 4
3. Creative Music — 1
4. aFmie — Poem DancE 3
5. Ogotommeli: Dogon Sage
6. Ep — 1
7. Ngoma: Gravity and Lightwaves
8. Seeds
9. Zekr
10. Until the Fire

disc 2
1. Reflectativity
2. t wmukl — D
3. North American Stomp
4. Visions
5. Transcendental Suite

disc 3
1. Song of Humanity
2. Lexicon
3. Peacocks, Gazelles, Dogwood Trees & Six Silver Coins
4. Of Blues and Dreams
5. Pneuma
6. Tempio
7. Play Ebony Play Ivory

disc 4
1. Life Sequence 1
2. Love is a Rare Beauty: Movements 1–5
3. Aura
4. Ankrasmation
5. Atoke
6. Fana
7. The Zebra Goes Wild

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