Kulture Jazz

ECM 1507

audio samples

trumpet, flugelhorn, koto, mbira, harmonica,
bamboo notch flute, percussion and vocal

don't you remember ?
| kulture of jazz | song of humanity

(kanto pri homaro)
| fire - sticks, chrysanthemums and

moonlight (for harumi)
| seven rings of light in the hola

| louis armstrong counter - pointing | albert ayler

in a spiritual light
| the kemet omega reigns (for billie

| love supreme (for john coltrane) | mississippi

delta sunrise (for bobbie)
| mother: sarah brown - smith -

wallace (1920 - 92)
| the healers voyage on the sacred river

(for ayl kwel armah)
| uprising (for jessie and yvonne)

Part Two (Brown):

The Natural Mystics Riding

IV The Ellingtonian Diari (Bard)

In a roads de drama the Issembly awakened, stood in a silent dance a toned in the presence a melodious day-breaking memorial.

Right away,
King Silence mounted a beautiful ebony horse
and duietly rode off after Epic-niemory, The Queen of Eternal Wisdom -
a cool - running in the heart of inner vision. Ellington released the hoisted issembly with a sublime reminiscence in tempo stating
"Only the supreme being can reveal such beautiful balanced moments of incomparable illuminable harmony.
A magnificent melody, pure, dignified the voice of Neter, and a befitting only of the Almighty See,

Wo and man are purified in the
inergy of the sun by day and the moon by night for inside these jazz rhythms,
I and I can know the self, because, just as Menatho said, long ago when we were in our original homeland in the valley of the Nubia sun.
Know thyself as the spiritual ludya, Seed-eye of Heru
and jazz music,
set in Earth's organic nature as a spiritual corn, an emblem of radical transformation realized in the eye of the sufferers."

© 1997-2011 Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith