Spiritual Dimensions

Golden Quintet / Organic

cuneiform rune 290/291
october 2009
double CD

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Spiritual Dimensions is a double album that features two very special groups filled with truly great musicians! The first disc is by his Golden Quintet. This disc is a modern/avant jazz release that has some distinctive electric touches and features many of the hallmarks of Wadada's work; space, depth, melody and abstraction:

Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Vijay Iyer – piano, synthesizer
John Lindberg – bass
Pheeroan AkLaff – drums
Don Moye – drums

The second disc is the first-ever release of Wadada's Organic group and is a completely different creature. It's a fully electric, four guitar, creative, bad-ass beast with slinky grooves, but the same hallmarks run through this set as well:

Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Nels Cline – guitar
Michael Gregory – guitar
Brandon Ross – guitar
Lamar Smith – guitar
Okkyung Lee – cello
John Lindberg – double bass
Skuli Sverrisson – electric bass
Pheeroan AkLaff – drums

r e v i e w s

"Every note trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith blows on his exquisite brass instrument brings a whole world of joy. The sound of the Earth and the Heavens in every echo and ululation of the notes that flow out of his trumpet, dancing the interminable dance of lovers in unison, like sunrise and sunset, day and night."

"There is no mistaking the importance of this record--both in its live and studio incarnations. It is proof that the spiritualism of music did not die with John Coltrane, but rather lives on through the mystical horn of Wadada Leo Smith."
- Raul d'Gama Rose, allaboutjazz.com  

"1. Wadada Leo Smith, "Spiritual Dimensions" (Cuneiform): Some of the densest avant- funk ever recorded is on the second disc, accentuated by Smith's trumpet, which gets as harsh as Miles Davis at his most apocalyptic. The first disc is more in the vein of (by now) "conventional" outside jazz — but it's similarly inspired. There was no better display of where the music has been and where it can go."
- Brett Saunders, The Denver Post - #1 CD of 2009

"WADADA LEO SMITH “Spiritual Dimensions’’ The 68-year-old trumpeter throws down the gauntlet with a double-CD set of material from two very different groups: a quintet with two drummers and an electric group with three guitarists."
- Steve Greenlee's top 10 jazz albums for 2009 - The Boston Globe

"From the elegiac opening on the second version of "South Central L.A. Kulture" to the spaced out soundscapes and spiky funk of "Organic," Smith creates a unique world of sound where rhythms are more than mere earthly creations, but rather something which aspires to a beauty of metaphysical proportions."
- Jakob Baekgaard, allaboutazz.com

"With the ambitious Spiritual Dimensions, Wadada Leo Smith has created a strangely entrancing music, and one of his finest recordings."
- Dan McClenaghan, allaboutazz.com

"Best CD of the Year"
- Público (Portugal)

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