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This is the third album by Wadada’s all-star Golden Quartet, which features:

Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Vijay Iyer – piano, Fender Rhodes & synthesizer
John Lindberg – bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson – drums

Recorded live, the sound on Tabligh veers from a sound akin to early electric jazz ala "In A Silent Way" and especially 'the lost quintet' of Miles in late 1969/early 1970, to both more sparse and modern jazz fare, all of it informed by the distinctive personalities of these four players and their leader's musical concepts.

"Smith is working at his highest level since the mid '70s. This quartet - with its combination of maturity, craftsmanship, and sense of adventure - is the perfect band to realize Smith's deepening vision." – Ed Hazell, Boston Globe

p r e s s    r e v i e w s

"To say the new lineup is powerful would be a huge understatement. Smith elicits a symphony of sounds from his trumpet."
--- Steve Greenlee,  
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"Tabligh is an album that should be on the shelf of anyone with an interest in the past eighty-odd years of trumpet improvisation."
--- Clifford Allen,
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"Trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith has always carved out his own territory in the music and Tabligh is one of the best realizations of his work on record. Working with this trumpet/keyboards/bass/drums quartet format for some time now, this set captures in true splendor how constructively that time has been spent."
--- Nic Jones,
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"It’s a fantastic album, a reminder of the power of Smith’s personality and of good small-group jazz."
--- Jason Bivins,

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"Smith, in his 60s, is not only as inventive and adventurous as he was when he was a younger player, but his creativity and ability to direct a band into new territory is actually farther reaching than ever before. This is brilliant work."
--- Thom Jurek, All Music Guide
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"More than occasionally reminiscent of Miles Davis, very fine modern jazz, highly recommended."
-- Cousin Mary, KFJC, 89.7 FM

"An amazing and paradoxical album, full of musical inventiveness, human feelings and spiritual moments. For sure one of the highlights of this year."
--- Stef Gijsells,
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"A venerable vanguard rebel for four decades, trumpeter/composer Wadada Leo Smith shows his cutting-edge artistry remains razor sharp on this disc graced with crackling technique, free expression and passion for the beautiful and the spiritual."
--- Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant
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"This veteran of the creative music scene who has played with Ornette Coleman, Anthony Braxton and Cecil Tayor stokes the vision which is shaped by the creative charts of the leader and the gems uncovered in the improvisations, which are both stirring and serene."
--- Paul Serralheiro,
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"Simply stated, it's a tour-de-force program, complete with a distinct sense of adventure. (Feverishly recommended...)"
--- Glenn Astarita,
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"The music is remarkably crafted and cements the credentials of the quartet as a divining force. "
--- Jerry D'Souza,
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"A powerful document, Tabligh is a welcome reminder of Smith's continued importance in the continuum of creative improvised music."
--- Troy Collins,
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"Tabligh is a magnificent work that documents the evolution of creative improvised music and the constant and unwavering promotion of an incomparable musician."
--- Sergio Piccirilli, El Intruso (english translation here)

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1. Rosa Parks

2. DeJohnette

3. Caravan of Winter

4. Tabligh

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