Wadada Leo Smith
& N'Da Kulture

'Lotus Garden'

Beverly Hills Library - 1995

29 sec. quicktime mov. - 1 mg

video by
Satinder Singh

the above movie requires quicktime 3.0 or higher
click to download

Important Info for Windows Internet Explorer Users:

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, versions 5.5 SP2 and 6.0 (soon to be released) no longer support Netscape-style plug-ins, such as the plug-in installed as part of QuickTime 5.0.2 and earlier versions. Consequently, Windows customers using these versions of Explorer may be unable to view QuickTime content in the browser. Mac users and Netscape users are unaffected, To restore compatibility, Apple has provided an ActiveX control. If you are not automatically prompted to download the update, please visit http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/qtcheck/ where you will be directed to download and install this control if you do not already have it.

If you have the quicktime plug-in installed and still get a broken link or an error message that you need to download the plug-in, or if the movie is being opened by windows media player or realplayer (causing the dimensions to be distorted) try this:

Open the quicktime player preferences, select "browser plug-in", click on "mime settings" and enable mpeg types for quicktime. Otherwise, you can try
downloading the movie, and quicktime, windows or Realplayer should be able to play it. If you want to save the file on your desktop, you may also download the file.























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