Main Discography

Wadada Leo Smith's Fire Illuminations album cover

Wadada Leo Smith & Orange Wave Electric: Fire Illuminations

Wadada Leo Smith: String Quartets Nos. 1-12

Wadada Leo Smith: The Emerald Duets

Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lake Quartets: The Chicago Symphonies

Wadada Leo Smith: Trumpet

Wadada Leo Smith, Jack DeJohnette & Vijay Iyer: A Love Sonnet For Billie Holiday

Wadada Leo Smith with Milford Graves And Bill Laswel: Sacred Ceremonies

Wadada Leo Smith: Rosa Parks: Pure Love, An Oratorio of Seven Songs

Wadada Leo Smith: Solo: Reflections and Meditations on Monk

Wadada Leo Smith: Najwa

Wadada Leo Smith: America’s National Parks

Vijay Iyer / Wadada Leo Smith: A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke

Wadada Leo Smith: Red Chrysanthemums Solos 1977

Wadada Leo Smith / Hardedge: The Nile

Wadada Leo Smith: The Great Lakes Suites

Wadada Leo Smith Smith & TUMO: Occupy The World

Wadada Leo Smith: Ten Freedom Summers

Wadada Leo Smith: Heart’s Reflections

Wadada Leo Smith’s Mbira: Dark Lady of the Sonets

Wadada Leo Smith and Ed Blackwell: The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer

Wadada Leo Smith / Jack DeJohnette: America

Wadada Leo Smith: Spiritual Dimensions

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet: Tabligh

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet: Eclipse (DVD)

Wadada Leo Smith: Lake Biwa

Wadada Leo Smith: Kabell Years 1971–1979

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet: The Year of The Elephant

Wadada Leo Smith: Luminous Axis (Caravans of Winter and Summer)

Wadada Leo Smith: Red Sulphur Sky

Wadada Leo Smith: Reflectativity

Wadada Leo Smith / Southwest Chamber Music: Grand Oak Trees At Dawn / String Quartet No. 1 / String Quartet No. 3 “Black Church” / Bardsdale

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet: Golden Quartet

Wadada Leo Smith and N’da Kulture / Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited: Dreams and Secrets

Wadada Leo Smith: Light Upon Light

Wadada Leo Smith and Harumi Makino Smith: Condor, Autumn Wind

Wadada Leo Smith and N’da Kulture: Golden Hearts Rememberance

Wadada Leo Smith: Tao-Njia

Wadada Leo Smith: Kulture Jazz

Wadada Leo Smith / Sabu Toyozumi: Cosmos Has Spirit

Wadada Leo Smith: Procession Of The Great Ancestry

Leo Smith: Human Rights

Leo Smith with The Bill Smith Ensemble: Rastafari

Leo Smith & The New Dalta Ahkri: Go In Numbers

Leo Smith Creative Orchestra: Budding Of A Rose

Leo Smith: Solo Music Ankreanvention

Leo Smith: Divine Love

Leo Smith: Spirit Catcher

Leo Smith Trio: Mass On The World

New Dalta Ahkri: Song Of Humanity (Kanto Pri Homaro)

New Dalta Ahkri: Reflectativity

Leo Smith: Creative Music – 1

Projects / Collaborations

Anthony Braxton: 3 Compositions of New Jazz

Anthony Braxton: Silence

Anthony Braxton: B-X0 NO-47A

Wadada Leo Smith/ Anthony Braxton: Saturn, Conjunct The Grand Canyon In A Sweet Embrace

Wadada Leo Smith / Anthony Braxton: Organic Resonance

Creative Construction Company: Creative Construction Company

Creative Construction Company: Creative Construction Company, Vol. II

Marion Brown / Leo Smith: Creative Improvisation Ensemble

Marion Brown: Geechie Recollections

Wadada Leo Smith & Louis Moholo-Moholo: Ancestors

Wadada Leo Smith & John Lindberg: Celestial Weather

Creative Improvisors Orchestra – The Sky Cries The Blues

Wadada Leo Smith / George Lewis / John Zorn: Sonic Rivers

Wadada Leo Smith / John Tilbury: Bishopsgate Concert

Jeanne Lee: Natural Affinities

Wadada Leo Smith / Günter Baby Sommer: Wisdom In Time

John Coxon / Wadada Leo Smith: Brooklyn Duos

Wadada Leo Smith / Adam Rudolph: Compassion

Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith: Abbey Road Quartet

Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra, John Zorn: 50⁸

Henry Kaiser / Wadada Leo Smith: Yo Miles!

Henry Kaiser / Wadada Leo Smith: Yo Miles!: Upriver

Henry Kaiser / Wadada Leo Smith: Yo Miles!: Sky Garden

Yo Miles!: Shinjuku

Yo Miles! Lightning

Harriet Tubman: Araminta

Other Recordings

Anthony Braxton: This Time
Anthony Braxton: Trio and Duet
Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra Music 1976
Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978
Anthony Davis: Hemispheres
Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra: Sketches From Bamboo
Roscoe Mitchell: L-R-G
Roscoe Mitchell & The Note Factory: The Bad Guys
Various Artists – Wildflowers: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions
Leo Smith / Peter Kowald / Günter Sommer: Touch The Earth

Kowald / Smith / Sommer: If You Want The Kernels You Have To Break the Shells
Muhal Richard Abrams: Young at Heart / Wise in Time
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre: Humility, In the Light of the Creator
Frank Lowe: The Flam
Frank Lowe: Doctor Too-Much
Michael Gregory Jackson: Clarity

Bobby Naughton / Leo Smith / Perry Robinson: The Haunt
Leroy Jenkins, The Jazz Composers Orchestra: For Players Only
Phillip Wilson Trio: Live-Fruits
Alvin Singleton: Somehow We Can
Angelica Sanchez / Wadada Leo Smith: Twine Forest
Wadada Leo Smith / Jamie Saft / Joe Morris / Balazs Pandi – Red Hill
Matthew Goodheart with Wadada Leo Smith: Interludes Of Breath And Substance

Spring Heel Jack with Wadada Leo Smith: The Sweetness Of The Water
Wadada Leo Smith / Walter Quintus /Katya Quintus / Miroslav Tadić / Mark Nauseef: Snakish
Tania Chen / Henry Kaiser/ Wadada Leo Smith / William Winant: Ocean Of Storms
Brigitte Fontaine: Come a la Radio
Company: Company 5
Company: Company 6
Company: Company 7
Clifford Thortnton, The Jazz Composers Orchestra: The Garden of Harlem
Matthew Shipp: New Orbit
John Lindberg: The Catbird Sing
John Lindberg: A Tree Frog Tonality
Wadada Leo Smith / Natsuki Tamura / Satoko Fujii / Ikue Mori: Aspirations
Melvin Jackson: Funky Skull
Tyrone Henderson / David Bindman: Strawman Dance
Tyrone Henderson: Not So Unusual Blues
Tony Malaby’s Tamarindo: Tamarindo Live
Jeb Bishop: 98 Duets
What We Live: Quintet For A Day
Susie Ibarra: Flower After Flower
Susie Ibarra: Folkloriko
Park Je Chun: Mol-e Mori II
Piotr Baron: Salve Regina
Daren Burns: Fear Is Not The Natural State Of Civilized People
Smith / Eco D’Alberi: June 6th-2013
Marco Eneidi: American Jungle Orchestra
Zen Widow feat. Wadada Leo Smith: Screaming in Daytime (Makes Men Forget)