It is a non-profit cultural foundation created to archive, present, and propagate Wadada Leo Smith’s music, writings, CREATE Festival, and ankhrasmation art-scores.

The foundation seeks to develop its endowment through personal and private donations. Also, through the sales of various products that the foundation curates.

There are releases of CDs and LPs on Kabell Records as well as scores and writings by Kiom Music and Publishing Company.
The objective here is to present and document the creative works produced over the years by Wadada Leo Smith, so that they are continuously available to the public and education institutions.

The ankhrasmation symbolic language scores are constructed on paper with ink, acrylic and other sources of hues and systems of reproduction. And because of their visual quality as works of art, have been exhibited in major museums, such as The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago, The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, a.o..

Wadada Leo Smith makes a distinction between his ankhrasmation art scores and other works of art. In this sense, he considers his art scores to be incomplete if one engages the work only as a visual object. The only true representation of his inspiration as a creative artist occurs when the visual and the auditory are experienced as one phenomenon.

CREATE Festival:

A festival dedicated to the music of Wadada Leo Smith. It is a source for premiering of new works and the celebration of information through seminars, video and film presentation.

This is to instill information that will address the historical and inspirational sources of the new works.

CREATE occurs annually in New Haven, CT during the month of April, and later in the year in other regions in the United States. There, CREATE incorporates a community of musicians in those selected sites. Also, each festival opens with young developing artist’ ensemble, who are assigned to compose a new work to be premiered at CREATE.

Our outreach program for young children and young developing artists takes place through the production of performances and workshops in local nursery schools, kindergarten schools and neighborhood schools of music.

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All this is made possible with the support of The Doris Duke Artist Award of 2016–2019.